Talia Stone & Gaby Heffessee

Hi I’m Talia and I’m Gaby. We’ve been best friends with Mallory since kindergarten. September marked 20 years as the three musketeers. We feel eternally grateful that we were able to spend so much time with Mallory.

Every time the three of us were together, an outsider looking in would think we were crazy highlighted by blasting songs and singing at people as we drove down the street, wearing Gaby’s crazy clothes, dancing around the room, going up to strangers and asking them weird questions. It didn’t matter what we were doing, we’d always laugh until we cried. Obviously this loss is devastating beyond words as we have lost a part of our family, but we would like you all to remember Mallory for her brilliance, compassion, patience, eloquence, sense of humor, and very, very quirky habits, for example her typing fingers that many of you may not know originated in 4th grade as we did type2learn with Mr. P. For us Mallory was our life day in and day out, and it is hard to isolate that into a few moments through the years, but we’d like to spend the next few minutes telling stories that will hopefully bring smiles to everyone’s face.

We were always a little different.

So while other kids would go outside, or to the cafeteria for recess and lunch, we would spend our entire break seeking refuge from the outside. We became best friends with Nurse Didi who would let eat in the nurse’s office. If that was unavailable, we’d go grade papers for our favorite teachers in exchange to let us eat inside. When we were in middle school, we became hall monitors, otherwise known as eagles, so pretty much our dreams came true because every day was an indoor eating party.

We were always a little different.

While other kids would play with toys, we would build rides for Mallory’s cats. We would tie a rope around the stair balcony and connect it to a basket filled with blankets, so the cats would be comfortable. We’d raise and lower the cat like an elevator, so inventive. One time Diane walked in, startled and knowing we were misbehaving, we dropped the rope (with the cat at the top of the stairs). Don’t worry, the cat loved it, we’re certain.

We were always a little different.

Mallory was a great writer and one time she used her special talent coupled with Talia’s schemey personality to make me a Jdate profile and did not tell me about it for months. It started by saying, Hola, Muchachos! I’m Gaby, a spunky funky Argentinian chica born and raised in Beverly Hills and also included lines like I love romantic long walks on the beach but also getting extremely drunk at a club (that’s how you know I’m well-rounded). By the way she’s still single, gentleman, get at her.

Ultimately, we were raised together, and we raised each other. We shaped our personalities around each other so Mal will always be part of us. Her light will never fade as she lives in all of us and guides us through. So every time we look at the sky and see those bright stars or look at the ocean and see that glisten on the water, we will know that is her sparkle, and there will always be her sparkles. Breathe easy and rest in peace Mal. We will always love you.