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The Gottleib Native Garden

Written by Mallory Smith & Photography by Susan Gottleib

Renowned around the country and revered within the Los Angeles environmental community, the Gottlieb Native Garden is a National Wildlife Federation-certified Backyard Wildlife Habitat. It is brimming with nature yet located less than a mile from the busy streets of Beverly Hills. Susan Gottlieb, the dedicated environmentalist who created the garden believes we could save the world if we all understood the power of native plants. This book is her story, as well as a larger one: the story of how to restore natural habitat and protect biodiversity with simple, individual actions.


Mallory wrote and produced "Biome" which aired on San Francisco's public radio station, KQED.  


Music was extremely important to Mallory. Her curated tapes helped her through her many hospitalizations. This is her final playlist, which includes many of her favorite songs. 

Silver Bullet

Mallory was part of a team of four that produced the short documentary, "Silver Bullet," which premiered at the Blue Horizon Film Festival in Santa Barbara.


Childhood friend, Jacob Jonas, founder of the Jacob Jonas The Company, choreographed and performed "Obstacles" while Mallory was still alive. His intention was to both acknowledge and honor the struggle of her life with Cystic Fibrosis and chronic illness. 


Mallory wrote this piece about divers restoring kelp forests off the coast of Palos Verdes – one dead sea urchin at a time. 

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Mallory collected responses for this piece entitled, "Happy Birthday Los Angeles". 

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Books inspired by Mallory


Mallory's 65 Roses

by Diane Shader Smith


Stevie's Secret

by Diane Shader Smith